What can be marked on zeemaps?

Want waw effect at the beginning of lesson?  Do quickly survey, where your students planning spend summer holiday. Add places on zeemaps.com and show via multimedia player to your class. I think it  will make impression to your students, especially for the first time. Continue reading What can be marked on zeemaps?

Veiksmažodžio laikai

Taigi, šį kartą  nuostabi P. Cvirkos kūrinio ištrauka,  turtinga įvairių laikų veiksmažodžiais. Ką galima nuveikti su šia ištrauka?

  1. Rašyti atrenkamąjį diktantą. Mokytoja skaito visą tekstą, o mokiniai išrenka tik veiksmažodžius.
  2. Galima duoti tekstą  kiekvienam skaityti ir ieškoti veiksmažodžių
  3. Veiksmažodžius lentelėje surašyti pagal laikus.
  4. Nurodyti asmenį
  5. Veiksmažodžius pakeisti bendratimi
  6. Pasirinktą išasmenuoti.


Mano svajonė

                 Mano mažutė galva mėgo svajoti apie platų pasaulį. Kartais aš gulėdavau ir stebėdavau debesis. Štai jie pasikelia  kur nors už girios. Išauga į milžiniškus debesis. Iškyla, ištįsta į įvairius paveikslus. Paskui debesys praplaukia, nutolsta. Telieka žolės ir rugių šnarėjimas. Žiūrėdavau į kokį skrendantį paukštį ir galvodavau apie ateities žygius. Jų imsiuosi  tada, kai suaugsiu į vyrą.

Pagal. P.Cvirką

p.s. šią ištrauką naudoju jau keletą metų ir tiesiog nebeliko kūrinio pavadinimo, tad jei kas nors parašysite, būsiu labai dėkinga.

MOOC “Open eTwinning”, Unit 1

MOOC “Open eTwinning”. Introduction

Open eTwinning MOOC





Unit 1:

Describe eTwinning in 140 characters 



” eTwinning opens windows to the world, shows students how beautiful life is behind the school, helps to raise learning motivation   “

3,2,1! Let’s  introduce ourself

3 aspects you want us to know about you.

2 activities that you could not stop doing for anything in the world.

1 dream job you would do if you were not a teacher.

Map of participants in MOOC “Open eTwinning”



How to create awesome videos and presentations

Last few weeks  was  very productive. I had chance to participate in few eTwining learning events.  Many thing was totaly new for me and today I would like to share how to create nice videos and presentations.

Let’s talk and try Powtoon animation, Biteable, Rawshorts, Zoobe.

OK, sorry, for delay, becouse it was just try to add post  for learning event. As I see people are interested, so I must do better.

Start from POWTOON

Checkout my video made with Powtoon.com

    Misija – karkvabalis     (Mission – cockchafer )

I spend close to two hours to make my first Powtoon video. It’s because  from beginning I have no exact vision, also first time saw all tools. I wonder to make something useful, so made short announcement for one day project. I will be the leader   in summer camp, and thinking to make cross curricular task for one day investigation. Close to our school  is oaks grove full of cockchafers. So we will go to watch them.

What I can do with these free templates Continue reading How to create awesome videos and presentations

About me


Hi, my name is Solveiga. I am from Lithuania.  I’m working  as a  speech therapist in primary school sins  2003. Many years I dream about my blog, or personal webpage, where I could collect useful information for my job. Maybe now is right moment to start with an open learning event   .

About my education, and pedagogical  experience need write a long paragraph, but I think it would be really boring for you to read about.

I just want to say  that I am really proud about few things what I did. I started to learn English , because wanted to go abroad for learning courses.  After two years I been able to apply for Comenius  training  courses „CREATING E-LEARNING COURSES – HANDS-ON TOOLS & PRACTICAL TIPS“ in 2009.kursai Maltoje Malta Valeta, Malta It was unforgettable time in Malta with AcrossLimits.

After two years learning courses in 2011  I became an educational consultant .

About eTwinning experience

First  eTwinning project we take a part was a “Teddybarns – A European tour” at 2009. Also we participated as a partners in many projects “Let’s save the forest kingdom”, “Up to the nines”, “Different but equal” and more. Now I dream to organise own project, so I hope to find partners here.

eTwinning is something incredible, it  opens  windows to the world, you can  show to your students how beautiful  life  is behind the school, especial for those, who aren’t good students, who  have low  learning  skills , also for teachers to raise own motivation. Also for motivation  learning languages. 

My best wishes, Solveiga