QuiverVision – atgyjantys 3D paveikslėliai

Žiūrint telefone nesimato jokių trukdžių kaip matyti įraše.

Apie QuiverVision

programėlė nemokama, gausus įvairios tematikos paveikslėlių pasirinkimas ir didesnė dalis nemokamai. Tikras lobis mokytojui.

Kad šia programėle galima būtų pasinaudoti pamokoje, reikia išmanaus įrenginio  (telefono ar planšetinio kompiuterio) ir interneto ryšio. Jei neturite išmaniojo įrenginio, leiskite atsinešti vaikams savuosius ir pritaikysit BYOD metodą apie kurį trumpai  jau buvo čia . 

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Module 4. Assessing PBL




Assessment should not only be about giving a grade at the end but it should be an on-going process, where teachers and students alike assess their learning as they work on the projects.  I think it must be written in bold letters in to teachers training methodologies books.

What is the biggest benefit for me I’ve got in  these courses ?  It’s not a badges. It’s an additional energy charge  to my attitude as a teacher about using  modern teaching methods.

 “If children can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” ― Ignacio Estrada   the best sentence I have found on Valentina Petrova blog . Continue reading Module 4. Assessing PBL

Module 3 review or may I get in to Neverland?

                   It’s not that I am so smart,

                  It’s just that I stay with problems longer

Albert Einstein

During this course I collect articles, links, teachers reflections,  everything,  I have found useful to improve my work. This module make me feel  like  in Neverland.

Why I feel like that? Because I hear for the first time, that somebody talking not about percents, points, marks, but about values you can’t measure by points. Like a resilience. Question.  Who care about? Who should care about? As parent I thought that is my own duties.patarle

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