Plastilininė animacija

Animated clay with primary pupils

A couple  of years   I’ve  dreamed  make animated clay movie with  kids.   It seemed  not difficult, but lack of time discouraged me.  During my  summer holiday I definitely decided to try. Do you think it is very easy to do animated clay project with a primary  pupils? I don’t think so. Just because I have decided to try it, I keep working on.

Check our  steps on Youtube.  Dog and butterfly and worm eaten apple


RULE 1 . Choose correct type of plasticine.

It is very important to choose good  plasticine. For beginning I’ve  bought 4 packs plasticine from different producents. 20160815_182106From first sight it look similar, but when I start to make clay characters, noted very big differences and now is really big problem to buy right plasticine. So don’t save money for plasticine, because latter you will pay twice. In any case, try before you give it to your children.

  • Very soft corn clay. It is good for background, but unfit for figurines. It is too soft, difficult to make  figurines, keep in shape.
  • Very dry plasticine. If plasticine became dry very quickly (I’m talking about usual plasticine) it became difficult to stick  small details to each other, sometimes even impossible. After some time you can’t reuse it one more time, not elastic, can’t move small parts,  it became  crumbly, like old shewing gum.
  • Use wire 20160815_182304frame for bigger figurines, or use other capabilities, helping to move parts of  the figurines, like toothpicks.


On this picture you can see our pure soft clay dog, seems  melting from lights.

If you are planning make more than one movie, think on universality. Apple tree from one side, plum from other. If you stick details from corn clay, it became irremovable. Peace of grass made once you can use many times,                                 like a flowers, birds and more.


For apple tree we used wire frame, very useful, you can change shape, position and more...

RULE 2. Immobilize your device. 

Think how to immobilize your phone or other device. 20160815_182934Because it is really important for better view, very useful to work.   Now I think to set up place for shooting scenes separate from our work place.

I have found on Pinterest nice idea –  a shoe box diorama. Really good solution for  background.


Probably there are many things to note, but the best way is to try by your self.



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