Collaboration, collaboration. Module 2. PBL

Guess, that is my  first thought about collaboration?

I never like collaboration at school. Really. Because usually all meetings were held like that:


And after few hours talking about nothing, I was  a person, who should finish all project alone.

Effective collaboration is not easy.  Definitely not.

It’s big job for teachers to teach students collaborate.

1.Understand how different types of collaboration can be used in the context of PBL

2.Develop a series of strategies and activities to promote effective collaboration between students

3.Develop a series of strategies and activities to promote effective collaboration with actors outside of the classroom

Now, beincollaborationg a teacher I understand, that most important to assigned to each member of the team a certain position. So, for me collaboration looks like in this picture. Also very important matching persons by  temperaments, hobbies, etc.

 Four questions in the self-assessment questionnaire:

• Are your students required to work in pairs or groups most lessons?
• Do your students have shared responsibility for tasks?
• Do your students have to make substantive decisions when working together (decisions that will impact the result of their joint work)?
• Is the students’ work interdependent of each other (in other words can they only succeed together)?

Collaboration does not just happen, it needs to be learned

I think first collaboration skills kids learn in own family. They have watching how parents collaborate, via  communication with brothers and sisters.  If they didn’t get  first skills at home, then everything have to learn at school.  It is just my opinion based on my own experience.

My idea on for activities to develop e ffective collaboration

logo_webOnce we participated in a project ” I can, you can too”.
The boy had a paralyzed both hands. He can draw only non controled curves lines. After I show all these draws to other students, they added something from own imagination. From just curves apear hedgehog, beautifull landscape, house and other things. Seems like a friends of this boy give him a hands.

Here is usefull links I have found in dotstorming board

Team building activities

Cooperative classroom games

How to develop effective collaboration for PBL

Part of PBL is establishing a link to the “real-world”. Involving audiences or partners from outside of the classroom or even better outside of the school.

“Think about if you have contacts to or knowledge of networks of local professionals? Which organisations or people engage with the school on a regular basis? Are there any businesses working with the school such as caterers, IT companies, or sports organisations? Who are your school’s neighbours? Could they be approached? What about school alumni? And who could you or your students ask for support in identifying the right people?”

 My PBL Learning Design also on Padlet

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