QuiverVision – atgyjantys 3D paveikslėliai

Žiūrint telefone nesimato jokių trukdžių kaip matyti įraše.

Apie QuiverVision

programėlė nemokama, gausus įvairios tematikos paveikslėlių pasirinkimas ir didesnė dalis nemokamai. Tikras lobis mokytojui.

Kad šia programėle galima būtų pasinaudoti pamokoje, reikia išmanaus įrenginio  (telefono ar planšetinio kompiuterio) ir interneto ryšio. Jei neturite išmaniojo įrenginio, leiskite atsinešti vaikams savuosius ir pritaikysit BYOD metodą apie kurį trumpai  jau buvo čia . 

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PBL with Teacher Academy. Module 1.

About my  PBL experience . Actually I have no experience. I’m  starting this course like totally beginner even at first I have had other opinion.


My learning diary temporarily  on Padlet and Tackk. Even these tools are great, I have decided to stay  loyal to my blog I have started with Open eTwinning MOOC.

Module 1. What is PBL and why I use it .



Last week. Discover Twinspace.

Last week we learn more about  the eTwinning social network  twinspace .

Also it’s time to give a project for the final assessment.

After very high project draft assessment, and not too much good assessed for   collaboration activities , I am ready for your last word, dear colleagues. Your suggestions have priceless value.

Last submission for assessment     DSC_1694

For collaboration week

Second project edition with e-activities for P2P assessment

This learning event going to the end. So I have created a FB group for those, who was interested in my project proposition. Feel free  to join, even you aren’t sure about collaboration, because I promise lots of goodies you can use in your classroom.

You know, I made mistake to write treasures (not stories) I think it sounds good.  Treasures hunters, you are welcome.

First story and poll waiting for your opinion and proposition.

FB group for treasures hunters

What can be marked on zeemaps?

Want waw effect at the beginning of lesson?  Do quickly survey, where your students planning spend summer holiday. Add places on zeemaps.com and show via multimedia player to your class. I think it  will make impression to your students, especially for the first time. Continue reading What can be marked on zeemaps?

How to create awesome videos and presentations

Last few weeks  was  very productive. I had chance to participate in few eTwining learning events.  Many thing was totaly new for me and today I would like to share how to create nice videos and presentations.

Let’s talk and try Powtoon animation, Biteable, Rawshorts, Zoobe.

OK, sorry, for delay, becouse it was just try to add post  for learning event. As I see people are interested, so I must do better.

Start from POWTOON

Checkout my video made with Powtoon.com

    Misija – karkvabalis     (Mission – cockchafer )

I spend close to two hours to make my first Powtoon video. It’s because  from beginning I have no exact vision, also first time saw all tools. I wonder to make something useful, so made short announcement for one day project. I will be the leader   in summer camp, and thinking to make cross curricular task for one day investigation. Close to our school  is oaks grove full of cockchafers. So we will go to watch them.

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