Module 3 review or may I get in to Neverland?

                   It’s not that I am so smart,

                  It’s just that I stay with problems longer

Albert Einstein

During this course I collect articles, links, teachers reflections,  everything,  I have found useful to improve my work. This module make me feel  like  in Neverland.

Why I feel like that? Because I hear for the first time, that somebody talking not about percents, points, marks, but about values you can’t measure by points. Like a resilience. Question.  Who care about? Who should care about? As parent I thought that is my own duties.patarle

I can’t find any information in my language about resilience, as a skill  have place at school. Even for kids who live in kiderhouses.

Resilience is the group of skills and qualities that lead us to be able to cope with difficulties in a positive way.

   Just example. My son do not attend school because of illness whole month. Everyday he do home works, even nobody ask him to do. One of most interesting home work to him was making presentation about Japan. I helped him to add music to background, teach to add effects… Even there was only two students in the classroom who did PowerPoint presentation, teacher said that have no time to watch, but ask him write a test for whole course they have learn all month. And first day, first lesson he got 2. So, about what resilience we can talk in this situation. Even me, adult person was so disappointed I really cried for that situation. And it is only one, small situation, here was many situations I don’t want to remember now. How I can teach to be resistant to methods teacher use.



3.1 Scaffolding for Student Ownership and Independence

<We cannot simply give students independence and hope they will just take charge of the process>. I agree with.

The learning objectives for this module are:

  1. Understanding the importance of scaffolding the PBL process so that students increasingly develop independence and ownership over the tasks
  2. Understanding the importance of a positive environment and mindset for building student confidence and resilience
  3. Developing a range of activities, strategies and tools that facilitate an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial skills


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