Module 4. Assessing PBL




Assessment should not only be about giving a grade at the end but it should be an on-going process, where teachers and students alike assess their learning as they work on the projects.  I think it must be written in bold letters in to teachers training methodologies books.

What is the biggest benefit for me I’ve got in  these courses ?  It’s not a badges. It’s an additional energy charge  to my attitude as a teacher about using  modern teaching methods.

 “If children can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” ― Ignacio Estrada   the best sentence I have found on Valentina Petrova blog . Continue reading Module 4. Assessing PBL

Module 3 review or may I get in to Neverland?

                   It’s not that I am so smart,

                  It’s just that I stay with problems longer

Albert Einstein

During this course I collect articles, links, teachers reflections,  everything,  I have found useful to improve my work. This module make me feel  like  in Neverland.

Why I feel like that? Because I hear for the first time, that somebody talking not about percents, points, marks, but about values you can’t measure by points. Like a resilience. Question.  Who care about? Who should care about? As parent I thought that is my own duties.patarle

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Collaboration, collaboration. Module 2. PBL

Guess, that is my  first thought about collaboration?

I never like collaboration at school. Really. Because usually all meetings were held like that:


And after few hours talking about nothing, I was  a person, who should finish all project alone.

Effective collaboration is not easy.  Definitely not.

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PBL with Teacher Academy. Module 1.

About my  PBL experience . Actually I have no experience. I’m  starting this course like totally beginner even at first I have had other opinion.


My learning diary temporarily  on Padlet and Tackk. Even these tools are great, I have decided to stay  loyal to my blog I have started with Open eTwinning MOOC.

Module 1. What is PBL and why I use it .



Last week. Discover Twinspace.

Last week we learn more about  the eTwinning social network  twinspace .

Also it’s time to give a project for the final assessment.

After very high project draft assessment, and not too much good assessed for   collaboration activities , I am ready for your last word, dear colleagues. Your suggestions have priceless value.

Last submission for assessment     DSC_1694

For collaboration week

Second project edition with e-activities for P2P assessment

This learning event going to the end. So I have created a FB group for those, who was interested in my project proposition. Feel free  to join, even you aren’t sure about collaboration, because I promise lots of goodies you can use in your classroom.

You know, I made mistake to write treasures (not stories) I think it sounds good.  Treasures hunters, you are welcome.

First story and poll waiting for your opinion and proposition.

FB group for treasures hunters

Unit 3. Project draft for #Twinmooc.

This is an idea for a project I’m dreaming about for few years. It came  from my hobby and passion, I can’t live without.

I tried to follow   your recommendation #twinmooc team, thanks for your helping hands.

Here for your assessment, dear colleagues #twinmoocers

Project draft

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