My reflection after open eTwinning MOOC


Finally I did it. After four years leave it was really big challenge to me. I am happy, that I had enough patience and persistence to work on project.

After first assessment  I’ve got a wings.

Thanks for my peers for comments, for suggestions. After second assessment I was dropped down. My peers did’t found collaboration aspect in my project, and final products was noted as pure. I felt bad. But also thanks for that. Sometimes we didn’t know, how many effort our students put into learning but  easy  can say “such a  nonsense you did” . Oh, I want to say really sorry if I ever kept my students feel like that, also my own kids.

After third assessment I am sure,  that I will do  this project with my students. Thanks for everything.

Special thanks to incredible team Yolanda Egea, Cristina Cris for  your support, communication,  Diego Rojas for technical help. Also thanks to my classmate , I’ve meet here, Laima Kurauskienė, I didn’t see her after university  studies about 15 years.

I’ve improved  my English. I decided to go for level B. I have found incredible talented teachers.  I can’t stop to admire Valentina Petrova from Macedonia and her blog

So, happy summer holiday, hope to see you again.


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