Collaboration, collaboration. Module 2. PBL

Guess, that is my  first thought about collaboration?

I never like collaboration at school. Really. Because usually all meetings were held like that:


And after few hours talking about nothing, I was  a person, who should finish all project alone.

Effective collaboration is not easy.  Definitely not.

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PBL with Teacher Academy. Module 1.

About my  PBL experience . Actually I have no experience. I’m  starting this course like totally beginner even at first I have had other opinion.


My learning diary temporarily  on Padlet and Tackk. Even these tools are great, I have decided to stay  loyal to my blog I have started with Open eTwinning MOOC.

Module 1. What is PBL and why I use it .



For collaboration week

Second project edition with e-activities for P2P assessment

This learning event going to the end. So I have created a FB group for those, who was interested in my project proposition. Feel free  to join, even you aren’t sure about collaboration, because I promise lots of goodies you can use in your classroom.

You know, I made mistake to write treasures (not stories) I think it sounds good.  Treasures hunters, you are welcome.

First story and poll waiting for your opinion and proposition.

FB group for treasures hunters

Unit 3. Project draft for #Twinmooc.

This is an idea for a project I’m dreaming about for few years. It came  from my hobby and passion, I can’t live without.

I tried to follow   your recommendation #twinmooc team, thanks for your helping hands.

Here for your assessment, dear colleagues #twinmoocers

Project draft

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About me


Hi, my name is Solveiga. I am from Lithuania.  I’m working  as a  speech therapist in primary school sins  2003. Many years I dream about my blog, or personal webpage, where I could collect useful information for my job. Maybe now is right moment to start with an open learning event   .

About my education, and pedagogical  experience need write a long paragraph, but I think it would be really boring for you to read about.

I just want to say  that I am really proud about few things what I did. I started to learn English , because wanted to go abroad for learning courses.  After two years I been able to apply for Comenius  training  courses „CREATING E-LEARNING COURSES – HANDS-ON TOOLS & PRACTICAL TIPS“ in 2009.kursai Maltoje Malta Valeta, Malta It was unforgettable time in Malta with AcrossLimits.

After two years learning courses in 2011  I became an educational consultant .

About eTwinning experience

First  eTwinning project we take a part was a “Teddybarns – A European tour” at 2009. Also we participated as a partners in many projects “Let’s save the forest kingdom”, “Up to the nines”, “Different but equal” and more. Now I dream to organise own project, so I hope to find partners here.

eTwinning is something incredible, it  opens  windows to the world, you can  show to your students how beautiful  life  is behind the school, especial for those, who aren’t good students, who  have low  learning  skills , also for teachers to raise own motivation. Also for motivation  learning languages. 

My best wishes, Solveiga