Module 3 review or may I get in to Neverland?

                   It’s not that I am so smart,

                  It’s just that I stay with problems longer

Albert Einstein

During this course I collect articles, links, teachers reflections,  everything,  I have found useful to improve my work. This module make me feel  like  in Neverland.

Why I feel like that? Because I hear for the first time, that somebody talking not about percents, points, marks, but about values you can’t measure by points. Like a resilience. Question.  Who care about? Who should care about? As parent I thought that is my own duties.patarle

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Collaboration, collaboration. Module 2. PBL

Guess, that is my  first thought about collaboration?

I never like collaboration at school. Really. Because usually all meetings were held like that:


And after few hours talking about nothing, I was  a person, who should finish all project alone.

Effective collaboration is not easy.  Definitely not.

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PBL with Teacher Academy. Module 1.

About my  PBL experience . Actually I have no experience. I’m  starting this course like totally beginner even at first I have had other opinion.


My learning diary temporarily  on Padlet and Tackk. Even these tools are great, I have decided to stay  loyal to my blog I have started with Open eTwinning MOOC.

Module 1. What is PBL and why I use it .