For collaboration week

Second project edition with e-activities for P2P assessment

This learning event going to the end. So I have created a FB group for those, who was interested in my project proposition. Feel free  to join, even you aren’t sure about collaboration, because I promise lots of goodies you can use in your classroom.

You know, I made mistake to write treasures (not stories) I think it sounds good.  Treasures hunters, you are welcome.

First story and poll waiting for your opinion and proposition.

FB group for treasures hunters

Unit 3. Project draft for #Twinmooc.

This is an idea for a project I’m dreaming about for few years. It came  from my hobby and passion, I can’t live without.

I tried to follow   your recommendation #twinmooc team, thanks for your helping hands.

Here for your assessment, dear colleagues #twinmoocers

Project draft

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MOOC “Open eTwinning”, Unit 1

MOOC “Open eTwinning”. Introduction

Open eTwinning MOOC





Unit 1:

Describe eTwinning in 140 characters 



” eTwinning opens windows to the world, shows students how beautiful life is behind the school, helps to raise learning motivation   “

3,2,1! Let’s  introduce ourself

3 aspects you want us to know about you.

2 activities that you could not stop doing for anything in the world.

1 dream job you would do if you were not a teacher.

Map of participants in MOOC “Open eTwinning”